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Crossing the Boundary

day-threeCrossing the Boundary

In the first two days of the conference, we will have both travelled through the history of organizations and our profession, as well as will have dived into currents trends, challenges and emerging practices on account of ‘Journey through time’. After having these experiences we will be ready to move into the future of our profession: to cross the boundary.

As long as mankind exists, it has used rituals and ceremonies to mark and facilitate a shift from one phase to the next.  Part of what was before must be left behind and said goodbye to, because it now is in the way, or simply to create space for the new and emerging. The new must be welcomed.

The use of rituals as an intervention is as old as mankind. Many of these have faded and become more or less cosmetic in nature; we may not even remember what the original function of the ritual was. Many boundaries which once were clear and sharp have blurred. However a good ritual is one of the most powerful tools for change which is available for us.

We have designed a way in which we can cross the boundary to the future, each of us individually, and together. Crossing a boundary almost always involves letting go, saying good bye to (part of) the old, and welcoming/embracing the new. The new may not be in place once you cross the boundary - but there is space, and opportunity.

We would like to welcome you to join us to cross the boundary, saying goodbye to the old, and welcoming the new.

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