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Marcella Benson

m_bensonjoMarcella Benson~Quaziena, PhD, is also a significant faculty member at Gestalt OSD. she is Principle of The Benson~Quaziena Group. She consults to profit and non-profit sectors in the areas of organization development, leadership, group process, group facilitation, and diversity. She is chair of the OSD Gestalt training program and a faculty member of the Gestalt OSD Group Intensive Training Program. She is a member of the faculty at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, core faculty of NTL Diversity Practitioner Certificate Program and faculty for the Master's Degree Program in Organization Development at the Fielding Graduate University. The focus of her work is to assist executives and their teams to continue to improve the quality of their work lives, personal lives and organizational effectiveness through coaching, consultation and training. Her passion for embracing diversity is embedded in her belief in the “art of the possible” and her desire to take action for human equity and kind.

John Nkum

john_nkum100John Nkum, MA is a freelance consultant and managing director of Nkum Associates, a firm of development planning and organization development consultants based in Accra, Ghana, and working internationally. He is on the faculty of the Gestalt OSD/GISC International Program.

He has worked as a trainer and a facilitator of participatory project planning and project management programmes at community and district/provincial levels since 1988. He has undertaken several assignments in this field within Africa and Europe for the German Agency for Technical Co-operation (GTZ), the German Foundation for International  Development (DSE), the British Department for International Development (DFID), the World Bank and other international agencies.

Mr Nkum has also facilitated team building, group dynamics retreats/training programmes and dialogue sessions for the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA), several multicultural project management teams in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa, the core management personnel of several District Assemblies in Ghana and a number of NGOs in Nigeria.

He has trained many trainers in participatory methodologies for planning and management of development projects and community development initiatives for the UNICEF (Ghana), the Department of CommunityDevelopment (Ghana), DFID in Nigeria, and several counterparts of DSE and GTZ in Europe, as well West and Southern Africa.

He is also the Associate Pastor of the Tesano Baptist Church in Accra, Ghana, where he volunteers his services in teaching, counselling and couples/family therapy.

Brenda Jones

Brenda B. Jones, MS is an organizational consultant based in Columbia, MD, with over 20 years' experience. Her national and international consulting work focuses on organization strategic and culture change, leadership development, individual and group effectiveness, the development of consultants, and managing culturally diverse organizations. She directs her energy towards integrating both the human and business sides of an organization, with applications at all levels of system. She is a past Board of Trustees member of the OD Network, and a member of NTL Institute and IODA. She is on the faculty of the American University/NTL Graduate Program for Organization Development.

When Theory informs Practice

Applying a Gestalt Perspective to Consulting in Organizations: When Theory informs Practice

Since Gestalt in rooted in phenomenology, perception, psychoanalysis, change, systems and field theories, its theoretical perspective and concepts represent a body of knowledge that adds to ones’ having a “world view” and an ability to be effective. Both the understanding and applications of several Gestalt concepts will be explored using experiential methodologies as they relate to the practice of consulting in organizations. Participants will experience elements of how Gestalt knowledge deepens the meaning of our organizational work and the process of the individual practitioner.

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