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Here you can see the up-to date Presenters List of different topics and parallel sessions - academic paper; client, consultant, researcher joint case study; my theory, my practice; non-conventional organizaton. Now you can start to browse, which sessions, workshops, presentations are going to be interesting for you: so grab a pen and start to select all your favourites of the four days!


Below we present the abstracts of the presentations, for more details click on the links.

To be continued...


Name Topic Title Time
Dr. Zoltán Buzády and Achilles Georgiu Academic The Absorption-base Model of Leadership 23/08 15.00-16.30
Jose Campoverde Academic Change management and administration 24/08 14.30-16.00
José G. Vargas Hernández -
Mohammad Reza Noruzi
Academic Intellectual Capital Notion and Knowledge Diffusion Drivers in Knowledge Based-Organizations 23/08 17.00-18.30
Noel E K Tan Academic The Journey to Community 24/08 16.30-18.00
Nóra Szűcs - Andrea Toarniczky Academic Multiple identifications during mergers and acquisitions in detail – Help for desperate managers in the merger and acquisitions' integration process 24/08 14.30-16.00
Perttu Salovaara Academic The Fieldpath Method: let's discuss leadership development beyond ROI 23/08 17.00-18.30
drs. Amaranta Karssiens JointCase Feeling Responsible versus Taking Responsibility 24/08 14.30-16.00
M. A. Kirsten Dierolf
Monika Houck
JointCase Solution Focused Target Setting - from miracles to action planning 23/08 15.00-16.30
Marc  Sniukas - Christine Wawra JointCase Virtual Team Building - How to build trust and commitment among solitary workers without any face to face time! 24/08 11.00-12.30
Mrs Shannon Banks JointCase Microsoft ExPo Front Lines: Developing Africa, Developing New Business, Developing Leaders 24/08 16.30-18.00
Agota Eva Ruzsa - Thomas Klug - Elke Heyer

MtMp Journey to the Heart & Mind of Organisations,
The Art of Systemic Dialogue Facilitation from the I to the We
24/08 14.30-16.00
Amy Barnes MtMp Open Studio 24/08 16.30-18.00
Christian Harpelund MtMp Could you change it? 23/08 17.00-18.30
Denise Alvarez MtMp From body awareness to Body awareness 24/08 11.00-12.30
Marc Sniukas (45 min)
Christine Wawra and Niranjan Janardhanan
(45 min)
MtMp Future Space - How to reinvent your business model
A Systemic Approach to Strategy Implementation - An application to a practical case
23/08 15.00-16.30
Mr. Douglas Reeler
Nomvula Dlamini
MtMp Learning homeweeks - bringing life and rythm to organization 24/08 16.30-18.00
Mr. Douglas Reeler MtMp Take off your Shoes! Working with a Barefoot Approach to organisational development and social change, discovering where our real work lies 23/08 17.00-18.30
Dr. Ann Clancy MtMp Pivotal Moments in Executive Coaching: Revealing their Capacities and Power 24/08 14.30-16.00
Dr. Diane Katz MtMp The Working Circle: a balanced, non-linear conflict resolution/decision-making process for organizations 24/08 14.30-16.00
Dr. Mark McKergow MtMp Narrative emergence:  An inclusive and powerful way to think and act about people and change in a complex world 23/08 15.00-16.30
Dr. Peter Roehrig - Dr. Mark McKergow MtMp Working with what works : An experiential introduction to elements of the Solution Focused approach in OD 24/08 14.30-16.00
Dr. Shaun Knight MtMp The Organizational Revolution; Why Businesses Need to Focus on Enterprise Architecture Within the OD Framework 24/08 11.00-12.30
drs. Amaranta Karssiens
MtMp Organization Development through the Execution of Stategic Projects and a Leadership program 24/08 11.00-12.30
Dr. Edit Wiesner MtMp Seeing systems - the arrogant child syndrome 23/08 15.00-16.30
Elisa Alberto 
MtMp 7 steps to effective cross-border collaboration 23/08 17.00-18.30
Elisa Alberto   - Christine Wawra MtMp Culture Check: a systemic approach to analyze cultures 24/08 16.30-18.00
Hassan B. Rizwan MtMp OccupationDNA – A scientific approach toward talent
assessment and job alignment
24/08 11.00-12.30
John J. Scherer - Darek Paluch
MtMp Just How Good Could You Be? - The Shadow Knows 23/08 15.00-16.30
Boglárka Kőszegi - Judit Sáfár MtMp Where did we come from, where are we now, and where are we going? … challenges for the pharma sector and for Pfizer in the scope of organization development 24/08 14.30-16.00
Mr. Avi Altman MtMp Our story - Using case study as a mirror of our organization 24/08 16.30-18.00
Mr. Jorge Perez de Tagle MtMp People Results that Create 10x ROI (Return on Investment): Best Practice with a European Multinational Company 24/08 11.00-12.30
Mrs. Helma Ton MtMp Mindful Leadership 24/08 16.30-18.00
Ms. Nomvula Dlamini MtMp Shaping Future Organisations: what organisational thinking, forms and practices are required to create a sustainable future? 24/08 14.30-16.00
Ms. Sahiba Arora MtMp Vedic values and relevance to modern day OD 23/08 17.00-18.30
Noble Kumawu - Bill Kraus - Marvin Egberts - Lynne Yeannakis MtMp 150 Years of OD – A rich opportunity for you to listen to how four seasoned OD practitioners from Europe, America and Africa became and practiced OD and to compare your experience with theirs 23/08 15.00-16.30
Rami Ben Yshai Ph.D. MtMp Fantasy - Model - Reality Working together in a conflict situation - The roll of an OD Interactions model in Creating a Jewish - Arab employment Zone 24/08 14.30-16.00
Dr. Ray Jorgensen - Dr. Dena Hurst
MtMp Apply Conversational Leadership to Increase Meeting Effectiveness 23/08 17.00-18.30
Ray Gordezky - Michel Friedman
MtMp Facilitating Deep Change Through Dialogic, Integral and Creative Processes 24/08 11.00-12.30
Péter Geréb MtMp Dissolve the tension in a compound group  of developers in the course of their common work in an organisation 24/08 16.30-18.00
Sabine Soeder
MtMp Visual Presentation 24/08 14.30-16.00
Drs. Sari van Poelje MtMp A heroes’ journey: script, myth and culture 23/08 17.00-18.30
Shanil Haricharan - Chantelle Wyley
MtMp Integrating technical assistance support and process consulting through praxis 24/08 14.30-16.00
Shirine Moerkerken
MtMp Appreciative Inquiry: to appreciate functional conflict in co-creating 23/08 17.00-18.30
Shirine Moerkerken MtMp Decelerate to Accelerate - how to use time and timing in co-creating 24/08 16.30-18.00
Tar Katalin MtMp Economy and Community Developing Project 24/08 16.30-18.00
Ms Veronica Needa
MtMp Playback Theatre at the Museum of London: Enabling community access and empowerment 23/08 15.00-16.30
William Smith
MtMp The Creative Power: Transforming Ourselves, Our Organizations and Our World 23/08 15.00-16.30
Yasuteru Mr. Aoki
MtMp Challenging to Create an "SF inside" Organization 23/08 15.00-16.30
Yoram Gordon MtMp Systems coaching as an approach to transformational change 24/08 16.30-18.00
Zsolt Fehér MtMp Darth Vader against the world, the dark side of personality prevents global impact 24/08 16.30-18.00
Dinesh Chandra - Bhuwan Chaturvedi NCO_pic Eicher: Beyond ego to Wisdom 24/08 11.00-12.30
Dióssy Katalin NCO_pic Enabling people with disabilities 24/08 11.00-12.30
Dr. Ingrid Richter NCO_pic From Pyramid to Cloud:  125 Years of Scientific Tradition become Cross-Sectoral Innovation Clusters 24/08 16.30-18.00
Fokke Wijnstra - Harold Janssen
NCO_pic Leading without bosses 23/08 17.00-18.30
Ken Nishikawa NCO_pic Non-conventional organization in Japan 24/08 14.30-16.00
Wilfried Vanhonacker NCO_pic Reinventing the Business School: Skolkovo as a model for the future 24/08 16.30-18.00
Mr. Henk Hogeweg NCO_pic Organizational Adaptation to a New Era 23/08 15.00-16.30
Mr. Holger Nauheimer NCO_pic Making virtual organizations work - the case of Radical Inclusion 24/08 16.30-18.00
Joel Getzendanner NCO_pic Economy 2.0:  When Thinking Big is not Thinking Big Enough 23/08 17.00-18.30
Oliver Mack NCO_pic Common Purpose - Non-conventional leaders, who can lead beyond their authority 23/08 15.00-16.30
Mr. J. D. Bergeron NCO_pic KIVA: The world’s first online peer-to-peer lending platform 23/08 17.00-18.30
Csaba Lengyel
NCO_pic Vialto Consulting - a unique ownership and management model. 23/08 17.00-18.30
Bala M. Iyer NCO_pic The Akashayapatra Foundation 24/08 14.30-16.00
Béla Kocsy
NCO_pic Hotel Panda 24/08 11.00-12.30
Hettie Walters NCO_pic

ICCO Alliance

23/08 17.00-18.30
Ruth Sirman NCO_pic Surviving Resolution Resistant Super- Conflicts in Organizations and
Supporting Organizational Culture Change!
24/08 11.00-12.30
Dietmar Bodingbauer NCO_pic An innovative structure for Expert Organizations 23/08 15.00-16.30
Joel Getzendanner NCO_pic For-Benefit Organizations: Where Business and Social Purpose Meet 24/08 11.00-12.30
Peter Varga NCO_pic “Squaring money with mission”: how venture philanthropy can build successful multiple bottom-line organizations 24/08 14.30-16.00
Áron Jakab NCO_pic Fruit of care - A non-conventional brand 24/08 16.30-18.00
Jamais Cascio - Zoltan Csigas

The future of organizations

23/08 15.00-16.30
Péter Küllői - Attila Molnár
NCO_pic Bátor Tábor: From Butch Cassidy to everyday heroes - helping children with serious illnesses healing their soul 24/08 11.00-12.30
R Mohanakrishnan Ph.D NCO_pic “Mumbai Dubbawala’s” 24/08 11.00-12.30
Søren Launbjerg NCO_pic International People's College: Where traditional meets non-conventional - strengths and challenges 24/08 11.00-12.30

KÖZ-PONT Association

Igazgyöngy Foundation

Transylvanian Foundation for Traditions

Békéscsaba Cultural Centre

Co-operation with local governments and other non-profit organisations

What is the role of OD with non-profit organisations, how can it help, encourage and structure better co-operation in the non-profit world. Workshop analysing the examples from the Social Impact Projects. Come and bring your examples from around the World so we can learn from each other.
23/08 15.00-16.30

JÓ-LÉT Foundation

Civil Centrum Public Benefit Foundation

Co-operation between the non- and the for-profit world

Are the for- and non-profit world two different dimensions, existing parallel to each other or can they actually give, teach, show each other good examples and knowledge gained from experience. We are going to analyse cases from our Social Impact Projects, how could we OD practitioners facilitate this exchange of knowledge and mutual learning. If you have good examples, bring it to share it with us.
23/08 17.00-18.30

„Fekete Sereg” Foundation for Roma Youth

The Regional Association of Blind and People with Limited Visibility

Kalamáris Association

Tranzit Foundation

Light-Shadow Art Association


Strategy for non-profit organisations – Cross-cultural understanding

How is a non-profit strategy different from the for profit, what are the challenges we have to take into account weather we are working with a “one-man show” transforming lives of Roma communities, or a Nationwide organisation supporting the blind and people with limited visibility. We have selected the widest range of organisations form our country and participants of the Summit worked with them on their strategy. We would like to have a dialog about the process and about the challenges, working with people with a very different cultural background, as a client, consultant or co-consultant. Have you got some similar experiences? Come and share it with us in this Session.
24/08 11.00-12.30
Tímár and Rakamaz Communities Social_Impact

The relationship between Community and Organisational Development: what is our future role?

We are extremely interested, is there more place for OD practitioners to participate in the life of local communities, is this a common practice in the other parts of the world. How could OD practitioners participate more in the society and leave their development footprint? Do you work with communities as well, or would you like to have a discussion how would you be able to participate more, come and join us in this Parallel Session. We are introducing cases from our Social Impact projects as well.
24/08 14.30-16.00

Életfa Association

Inspi-Ration Association

Development of developers

There are professional, committed people, who work in the non-profit field for years doing exactly what you are doing day-by-day with companies. What can we teach to them and what can they teach to us? Come and join us in this Parallel Session and be part of the exchange of experiences, learning and maybe even creating new methodology.
24/08 16.30-18.00
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