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Protection while doing anal sex and what is the anal sex aids? Anal sex is safe or not?


Protection while doing anal sex?

Protection while doing anal sex?

Anal sex is pleasurable option but there aresafer option and other sexual practice that can be exciting but some couples still wish to try anal route. But if they want to do the anal sex then they have to take lots of protection,because there are risk of many diseases like sexual transmitted disease, HIV, and other infections. To overcome the risks of these types of disease couples have to take some precautions like condom. Some of people think that these are anal sex myth but it not right.

Condoms are just important in anal sex as in or vaginal sex. The anus lacks of layer of cells that helps keep it protected from infections. Not wearing condom can put those penetrating at the risk for infection too, even if it seems like the anus is clean. Some couple are wants to change the penetrative route from anal to vagina in this condition condoms are like your life saver from all the infections.

If you have to change the route then you have to change the condom first. Next thing is we all know that anal is not self-lubricated so use the plenty of anal lubricant is must and important also. Next thing is you have to use also right type of lubricant if you already have infection then you have to only use the water based lubricant not anything else and if you want to use other than consult with gynaecologist first.

If you are using sex toys like anal toys for female and anal toys for male, anal dildo, strap-on, big anal sex toys and vibrating anal toys etc.

Sex aids and anal sex?

Sex aids and anal sex?

Some couples like to use sex aids for insertion into the anus. Anal toy or sex aids must be kept clean and washed carefully between uses. Sex aids like anal douches are very good option to get both- pleasure and cleaning the anus while you are doing the anal masturbation of sex with the anal aids. . Anal douches and sex aids are able to clean your anal before anal process so that you have less chance of any infection and disease. And the most important thing that if you don’t know how to use anal aidsthen you have to read the manual or anal sex guide. One additional risk from the use of sex aids in anal sex is that of losing the aid into the rectum.

Some of the medical schools, pathology museums have a section of novel foreign bodies recovered from the rectum of both men and women, ranging from vibrators to milk bottles. For some humans and couples there is no boundaries and limitation in sex but it is not correct because then it cause many of serious injuries. In general you should only use the sex aid which is specially designed for the anus. Butt plugs anal sex toy and anal vibrators. These both have broad base beginner’s anal sex toys, which make it difficult to lose inside the rectum. Beside that anal sex toys anal beads and prostate vibrators and prostate toys are also have broad base. These all design to be like this so that it is not lost in your rectum.

It is safe?

It is safe?

Anal sex is safe when you do it in safe manner. If you practised with care then possible for some couples. If you are done it in the safe manner then you can get orgasm through anal sex. The main health risk, which affects both heterosexual and homosexual couples so some of these are: -

Human immunodeficiency virus(HIV)

There is no doubt that anal intercourse carries a greater risk of transmissions of HIV. The virus that can causeof acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) than over sexual activities, particularly for the receptive partner.

Anal cancer and HPV

Unfortunately the certain strains of HPV virus do have cancer provoking potential. There are some type of cervix in women and also cancer of the throat.